nORBS 2014 – Iceland 8-9 May 2014

nORBS 2014 will be held in Reykjavic, Iceland and promises to be the biggest gathering yet of Nordic and International Breast Surgeons yet.

After the successes of  nORBS 2012 (Oslo, Norway) and nORBS 2013 (Helsinki, Finland), the eagerly awaited 3rd Nordic Oncoplastic Reconstructive Breast Surgery meeting will focus on Risk Reducing Surgery for BRCA gene carriers

ADM Breast Reconstruction Masterclass Courses 2013

Use of an Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) or a “Biologic” with an implant is  the new gold standard in Implant-based Breast Reconstruction. I am fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to lecture and demonstrate on 2 courses this year so far to bring our experience of the technique to oncoplastic surgeons and breast plastic surgeons

Allergan Acadamy Masterclass

The Allergan Acadamy Masterclass was held at the Akademikliniken in Stockholm, Sweden on 28th-29th April. Three years since my last visit, I was fortunate to meet up with Dr Per Heden again for a review and fully interactive demonstration of the latest refinements in modern breast augmentation. With over 30 years of experience in augmentation, he is

As I was browsing…..

An interesting article caught my eye today….

This French company offering online courses in medical English (Infirmiers.com) have used news about the Cornish SUBLIME Trial using the Painbuster as a comprehension exercise!!!


It seems they found the material on the press release about SUBLIME on the BBC news health website


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    Busy Teaching, Lecturing & Learning Season Starts Next Month!!!

Busy Teaching, Lecturing & Learning Season Starts Next Month!!!

The Teaching & Lecturing Season  is about to get underway and I am delighted and very fortunate to have been invited to contribute to a truly  worldwide teaching portfolio of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery  Courses and Conferences in the coming months. Also hope to find time for some great personal learning opportunities too! Here’s a short précis……