The Mermaid Centre is the first and only Oncoplastic Breast Unit in the UK to have acquired The Vectra XT. This System uses the latest in digital imaging technology to produce computer generated 3D images of the breast. The Sculptor and Mirror Software applications allows us to not just generate measurements and monitor outcomes of breast surgery but also to accurately plan surgery. The system was innovated by  Canfield Imaging Systems, New Jersey, USA and supplied by Surface Imaging Solutions, London (

One of the major benefits for our patients is that we now have the ability to view the breasts from every conceivable angle and most importantly from the patients perspective. We hope to be able to demonstrate to our patients the anticipated outcomes of their surgery.

There are already many exciting research proposals for the Vectra XT in Cornwall. Over the coming years we hope to investigate long term outcomes of all kinds of breast reconstructions including implants, autologous flaps and fat grafting (Lipomodelling)

The Vectra is mainly used across the world to help to measure,choose and demonstrate implants for cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. Although this is one of the benefits we hope to be able to provide to patients, there are many more benefits in breast cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery that we hope to be able to explore.


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The Vectra XT has only been made possible through the generous support of all of our fundraisers and the help of our patients and their unbelievable donations to the Mermaid Centre Charities. Thank you also to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust and the IT specialists for their support with the project too.